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New Public Health Tool is Here!

Insightformation listened to you when you wanted a tool to help with your PHAB 1.5 accreditation. Nothing else compares to this cloud-based application in ease of use or document and data management. Easily add this tool to your CHIP & CHA efforts.

Your Collective Impact Efforts Need a Digital Backbone

Dust those big document strategies off and put them to action with our cloud-based solution and knowledgeable consultants

Speaking Engagements

Click to View the Highlights of Bill's Keynote on Collective Impact & Be Sure to Visit our Events Page

Fall 2015 Community Strategy Management Training - Video Intro

Click to watch a video on Insightformation's 11-week Community Strategy Management Training program. Go beyond the basic concepts of Collective Impact and dive deeper into collaborative community strategy design, measurement, implementation and evaluation.

What Participants are Saying - Training Program Testimonies

Insightformation had 45 participants from across the country in it's inaugural Community Strategy Management Training program. See what professionals and students had to say about the program.

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Whether you're looking for a business strategy tool, a way to create a lasting collective impact, manage your grants, or implement your next program; InsightVision and Insightformation have the solution

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