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Is your organization successfully aligning resources to achieve your strategy?

InsightVision helps community coalitions, non-profits, hospitals, local health departments (LHDs), and foundations tackle the challenge of systematically improving community outcomes.

InsightVision lives in the ‘Cloud’ and enables coalitions to accomplish more with less through improved alignment, communication and collaboration around shared goals by making strategy everyone’s priority.

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Why Choose InsightVision?

  • Reduces the waste, redundancy, and fragmentation.
  • Harvests collective wisdom for collective impact.
  • Improves organizational alignment
  • Helps meet the increasing demands for accountability and organizational transparency
  • Empowers Strategic Plans to meet evolving challenges
  • Improves collaboration and team engagement
  • Reduces administrative overhead to accomplish more with less

What Clients Say

Of the many BSC softwares I’ve worked with, InsightVision stands alone for its ease of use and effectively enabling Strategy-Aligned Management processes.
Robert S. Gold, Strategy Consultant
[InsightVision] is especially useful for tracking agency performance, overall project activities, and for demonstrating progress in a very tangible way, especially to elected officials and key stakeholders. We will be extending it to all of our projects and see it as part of our strategic capacity building and we are recommending the platform to all LHDs for these activities.
Patrick Lenihan, Ph.D., Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago
InsightVision has many features I have seen in no other strategy management or performance management software that are especially valuable to CBSC. … It is an excellent tool to support the CBSC methodology—by far the best I have seen.
Paul Epstein, Author, Thought Leader
InsightVision is our Sanity Retention Tool
Jim Turnbull, CIO, University of Utah Healthcare System
Deploying InsightVision was the highlight of our [Communities Putting Prevention to Work] CPPW Program.
Patrick Lenihan, Ph.D., Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago